Knowledge Management: Help Desk Knowledge Management Best Practices

IT Help Desk Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is the collection of support information that has been optimized for customer support by your IT Help Desk Agents. All support teams use support information for customer focused systems data to provide support, however the most efficient and effective IT Help Desk support is provided by the use of a Knowledge Management System and designed with Knowledge Base best practices.

For more insight on why an IT Help Desk Knowledge Management System leveraging Knowledge Management best practices is so important, Wayne Schlicht, a 20 year veteran IT Help Desk expert, provides some insight. Wayne states;

“A robust and mature Knowledge Management System enables the IT Help Desk to deliver greater value with more efficiency. This team focused effort to capture and improve the IT Help Desk Knowledge Base not only to solve customer issues, but also to improve company learning.”

Creating a Help Desk Knowledge Management System involves data mining company systems, application development teams and customer feedback for data and information. This data and information is turned into knowledge. It’s best to build your IT Help Desk Knowledge Management System with solution depth rather than breadth. Focus on knowledge topics that generate many calls into your IT Help Desk and look for support processes that can lead to a higher First Contact Resolution (FCR).

IT Help Desk Knowledge Base should mature based on usage and demand. As IT Help Desk Agents search and interact with the main Knowledge Management System, it is industry best practice that the IT Help Desk Agent must review the solutions before applying the knowledge to a customer. If the Knowledge Base solution resolves the incident, then a positive rating will help mature the solution metric. On the other hand, if the IT Help Desk Agent determines that the solution needs edits then they will comment on the changes needed for review by a Knowledge Base editor.

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