IT Ticket Categorization versus IT Ticket Classification

IT Ticket Categorization versus IT Ticket Classification

September 4, 2023 Wayne 0

Is there a difference between IT Ticket Categorization and IT Ticket Classification? You may see and hear these similar terms in Wayne Schlicht’s Help Desk Ticket Categories book, on the Help Desk Management website, and in the Help Desk Management videos. The terms “categorization” and “classification” in the context of IT ticketing systems are often used interchangeably. Still, they can also be interpreted to mean slightly different things, depending on the organizational context and the […]

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What is help desk ticket classification?

July 22, 2023 Wayne 0

Help desk ticket classification refers to categorizing and prioritizing incoming support requests or tickets from users or customers. When users encounter issues, have questions, or need assistance with a product or service, they typically submit a ticket to the help desk. These tickets can cover various topics, such as technical problems, account issues, billing inquiries, and general support requests. Companies can easily implement Help Desk ticket categories by using the CREATE Help Desk ticket classification […]

Help Desk Management

Help Desk Management

August 18, 2018 Wayne 0

Getting Help Desk Management right is a rewarding journey. At, we are promoting solid Help Desk management best practices on how to set up a help desk. These best practices are based on industry-standard IT service management processes, which are critical for an efficient, well-performing, and customer-focused Help Desk. Because of that, your challenge as a Help Desk Manager is to identify those industry standards, such as ITIL, and learn how to introduce them […]

Help Desk Classification

Help Desk Classification Drive Incident Priority

August 5, 2018 Wayne 0

Help Desk classification is a primary method for Help Desk Agents to set correct incident priority levels. High priority incident tickets can be quickly identified by updating ticket categories by business services. When the Help Desk Agent applies a ticket classification to an incident ticket which is associated with a mission-critical service, the ticket priority can be raised to a higher incident priority. Raising the incident priority can be accomplished manually by noting ticket categories […]

Ticket Classification Benefits

Ticket Classification Benefits Help Desk management

March 24, 2018 Wayne 0

Ticket classification benefits Help Desk by improving efficiency and will also lead to achieving higher customer satisfaction results. A Help Desk needs a ticket classification scheme to properly handle the customer’s issues when they contact the Help Desk for support. Applying proper ticket classification immediately when a Help Desk ticket is created, enables the Help Desk Agent to leverage more advanced resolution enabling tools. Below are some of the major resolution tools that can be […]

Help Desk Ticket Categories

Help Desk Ticket Categories

August 5, 2017 Wayne 0

Most Help Desk and Call Center Managers understand that Help Desk ticket categories are a powerful organization tool. However, not all managers understand that Help Desk ticket categories are a prerequisite for many of the processes and tools the Help Desk relies on. It’s not enough to have Help Desk ticket categories they must be updated, revised, and accurate. So what processes and tools are assisted by Help Desk ticket categories? Help Desk ticket categories […]