Help Desk Management Book

If your Help Desk team needs some improvement, this Help Desk Management book can immediately help. This book for new and experienced managers trying to build award-winning customer-focused teams. Imagine your Help Desk humming with a whirl of efficiency. Gone are the Monday morning fires to put out. Customers are satisfied, even pleased with your Help Desk team. Agents seem to know exactly how to handle customer’s situations. Your team is no longer called the “helpless desk”.

You can fix your curreHelp Desk Management Best Practicesnt Help Desk issues. Just hire a consulting company for $15,000 a week to perform a maturity assessment, outline issues, and make improvement recommendations. For an additional fee of $50,000, they will implement a few improvement projects.

Smile! There is a better option. We can work together and save you thousands of dollars in consulting fees simply by reading this Help Desk Management book.

Help Desk Management book by Wayne Schlicht, PMP

Hi, I am Wayne Schlicht PMP, author of Help Desk Management: How to run a computer user support Service Desk effectively. Like thousands of other Help Desk Managers and IT professionals who visited, you have come to the right place. This Help Desk Management book focuses on more than how to manage Help Desk tickets. We dive into over 30 areas of IT service desk management fundamentals and Help Desk management best practices. Join like-minded IT professionals like yourself who want to learn how to take control of their computer user support team.

The recommendations shared in this Help Desk Management book are based on my 30 years of real-life experiences building successful customer-focused teams. The recommendations and Help Desk tips are also based on industry-standard fundamentals and technical college coursework. I have held ITIL, PMI, HDI, and Microsoft certifications. Through trial and error, I am sharing what worked for my teams at small, medium, and Fortune 500 sized companies.

Look no further. Working together we will make you and your team successful. This information is designed to improve your management skills, your team engagement, and set you on a successful path to building a truly great team.

What actionable and realistic end-user support processes will you learn?

  • How to justify funding for implementing improvement projects.
  • Creating an inspiring mission statement.
  • Designing an employee performance management plan that works.
  • Building an effective employee training and development program.
  • Implementing a call and ticket quality assurance audit program that empowers the manager.
  • Driving up the First Contact Resolution (FCR) percentage.
  • Reducing cost per ticket costs by moving work from system engineers to the Help Desk.
  • Marketing the Help Desk for company-wide recognition.
  • Implementing ITIL incident, problem, change, knowledge, and event management.

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Help Desk Management Book Resources

The author offers these Help Desk Management book resources for your enhances experience.

A FREE IT Help Desk Maturity Assessment

Quick start implementation worksheets in a PDF format for easy download and printing.

Chapter 2 Help Desk Investment Worksheet

Chapter 3 Mission Statement Building Worksheet

Chapter 4 Employee and Customer Support Structure Checklist

Chapter 5 Supervisor to Staff Ratio Worksheet

Chapter 6 Job Description Worksheet

Chapter 7 Meet with your staff worksheet

Chapter 9 Employee Training and Development Worksheet

Chapter 11 Implementing a quality assurance program worksheet

Chapter 13 First Contact Resolution FCR Improvement Worksheet

Chapter 16 Ticket Classification Worksheet

Chapter 19 Marketing the Help Desk Worksheet