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7 reasons a Help Desk Chatbot is important for customer support

August 6, 2023 Wayne 0

A Help Desk Chatbot, often called a support or service bot, is an AI-powered tool that provides instant customer service assistance online. This chatbot can interact with customers or employees in real time, answering questions, solving basic problems, or directing users to appropriate resources. 7 reasons a Help Desk Chatbot AI is important for customer support. 1. 24/7 Availability: Chatbots can provide customer service around the clock. They can answer queries anytime, making them especially […]

Customer Service Resources

Customer Service Resources

March 12, 2017 Wayne 0

Customer service is a lifelong development skill. Everyday you improve your customer service skills. This is learned by interacting with your customer and working with mentors to provide coaching. However if you talk to anyone with exceptional customer service skills they will tell up how important it is to read skill development books. Below are a few good resources you may want to check out to keep developing your customer service skills.  

Help Desk Ticket Categories

Help Desk audit program for ticket and call quality assurance

July 7, 2014 Wayne 0

How do you really know your Help Desk agents are providing high quality customer service? As a good Help Desk Manager you implement a Help Desk audit. This will have established customer contact handling procedures, regularly measure customer satisfaction, and have trained your staff on providing great customer service. Proactive Help Desk performance management is more than documenting procedures, measuring KPI metrics, and training staff. To truly find out how well your customer are being […]