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Help Desk Resources

November 13, 2021 Wayne 0

Help Desk Management Book Resources The author offers these Help Desk Management book resources for your enhances experience. A FREE IT Help Desk Maturity Assessment Quick start implementation worksheets in a PDF format for easy download and printing. Help Desk Management Book Resource page

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Help Desk Customer Satisfaction Survey

October 19, 2021 Wayne 0

The Help Desk customer satisfaction survey (CSat) is used by Help Desk Managers to measure the customer’s experience of the support they received. Commonly a Help Desk customer satisfaction survey is used to obtain feedback from customers after completing a support interaction. Help Desk Customer Satisfaction Survey Process Question 1 – Does your help desk have an established Help Desk customer satisfaction survey process? The Help Desk customer satisfaction survey process is more than just […]

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Top 10 Identity and Access Management Best Practices

August 16, 2021 Wayne 0

The identity and access management process governs user identities and user access to resources within an organization. A Help Desk plays a big role in the identity and access management process. Help Desk agent’s job duties include managing user identities, resetting passwords, and provisioning access to resources. Identity and Access Management process Question 1 – Do you have a formally approved identity and access management process? A mature Help Desk will have a formal identity […]

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Help Desk Training and Development Program: Are They Worth It?

August 7, 2021 Wayne 1

Help Desk managers know that company success is a result of knowledgeable and engaged workers. To develop and keep top talent productive, you need a comprehensive Help Desk training and development program. Help Desk Training and Development Program Question 1 – Do you have a Help Desk training and development program? Investing into a help desk training and development program can save money while improving the customer experience. Help desk agents also benefit through improvement […]

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Help Desk Reporting Metrics: The top 10 questions

August 5, 2021 Wayne 0

There are specific industry-standard Help Desk reporting metrics based on commonly accepted key performance indicators (KPI). These Help Desk reporting metrics are used to understand how the agent and the team are performing against a baseline. The baseline is a snapshot of current performance and similar industry Help Desks. This means a manager of Help Desk agents can review performance with quantifiable data and make decisions. Help Desk Reporting Metrics Process Question 1 – Do […]

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Help Desk Workforce Management: Are you using it effectively?

July 30, 2021 Wayne 0

The Help Desk workforce management system is used to maximize employee productivity forecasting staffing levels using job and employee variables. One trait of a Help Desk is the work intake can vary by day and even the time of day. Workforce management can be very complex and never perfect. The utilization of a Help Desk agent is never 100%. The volume of work on Monday mornings can be quite different than the volume of work […]

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Help Desk call handling process will reduce handle time.

July 29, 2021 Wayne 2

Help Desk call handling is the entire phone interaction between Help Desk agent and customer from start to end. This includes customer greeting, validating the identity of the customer, providing issue support, and ending the call. While every interaction can have unique properties, the call sequence should follow a call handling procedure. Help Desk Call Handling Question 1 – Does your help desk have a clearly defined call handling process? If Help Desk agents are […]

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10 step Help Desk improvement project plan

December 13, 2020 Wayne 0

Implementing a Help Desk improvement project will most likely lead to significant improvement. You will see increases in efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. This quick start guide will help you determine which core areas of your Help Desk require improvement. We will create and prioritize a list of Help Desk improvement projects. We will then work through the process to implement the most urgent improvement project. Note: For additional information regarding the following steps, please […]

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Help Desk Maturity Assessment Guide

September 15, 2019 Wayne 2

Yes, our IT Help Desk maturity assessment is free. For an organization initially setting up their Help Desk, there is a lot of industry-standard process information available to build a strong foundation. If you have an established Help Desk, you can have your current processes and practices assessed against these industry standards using a Help Desk maturity assessment. This will assist the Help Desk manager to understand how they are doing and what needs attention […]

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Help Desk Glossary of Terms

May 18, 2019 Wayne 0

Understanding IT industry jargon used by customer support professionals can be challenging. Look up help desk terminology and abbreviations in our extensive help desk glossary of terms. Most of the common terms used by the help desk are also used by general call centers. Whether you are a Help Desk manager, agent or customers, this glossary will help you. 24 x 7 This is short for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. […]