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12 Artificial Intelligence Steps for IT Support Ticket AI Automation

September 9, 2023 Wayne 0

Implementing IT support ticket AI automation using Artificial Intelligence (AI) can significantly enhance the efficiency of your IT support team. Read our guide on How AI works. Implementing IT Support Ticket AI Automation drives efficiencies using AI can reduce response times and improve user satisfaction. Here are the 12 high-level steps for implementing IT support ticket automation. 1. Understand Your Needs Conduct a thorough assessment of your current support ticketing process. You need to document […]

IT support ticket automation

IT Support Ticket Automation: Using AI for Ticket Categories

September 7, 2023 Wayne 0

Can IT support ticket automation be used to categorize IT support tickets based on keywords or patterns? Many modern IT support ticketing tools come with features that can automatically categorize tickets based on keywords, patterns, or even more advanced methods such as machine learning. Read the 12 Artificial Intelligence Steps for IT Support Ticket AI Automation. Here’s how IT Support Ticket Automation works: Keyword-based Rules – Administrators can set up rules in the ticketing system […]

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What is a Help Desk Resolution Category Scheme?

September 5, 2023 Wayne 0

A Help Desk Resolution Category Scheme is a framework for systematically classifying the solutions or resolutions provided for various issues or service requests that come through a Help Desk system. Just like ticket classification schemes categorize incoming issues, a resolution category scheme organizes the types of solutions applied to those issues. The 7 reasons Help Desk resolution categories are useful. 1. Standardized Reporting With a structured scheme, producing standardized reports about the resolutions provided most […]

IT Ticket Categorization versus IT Ticket Classification

IT Ticket Categorization versus IT Ticket Classification

September 4, 2023 Wayne 0

Is there a difference between IT Ticket Categorization and IT Ticket Classification? You may see and hear these similar terms in Wayne Schlicht’s Help Desk Ticket Categories book, on the Help Desk Management website, and in the Help Desk Management videos. The terms “categorization” and “classification” in the context of IT ticketing systems are often used interchangeably. Still, they can also be interpreted to mean slightly different things, depending on the organizational context and the […]

IT maturity assessment

What is an IT Maturity Assessment?

August 14, 2023 Wayne 0

What is an IT maturity assessment? An IT (Information Technology) maturity assessment evaluates the effectiveness, efficiency, and sophistication of an organization’s IT capabilities, processes, and practices. The primary goal is to identify areas for improvement and provide a roadmap for achieving higher levels of IT maturity. Click Here to take a Free IT Help Desk Maturity Assessment. The concept of an IT maturity assessment is based on the idea that organizations evolve through predictable stages […]

Help Desk Chatbot AI

7 reasons a Help Desk Chatbot is important for customer support

August 6, 2023 Wayne 0

A Help Desk Chatbot, often called a support or service bot, is an AI-powered tool that provides instant customer service assistance online. This chatbot can interact with customers or employees in real time, answering questions, solving basic problems, or directing users to appropriate resources. 7 reasons a Help Desk Chatbot AI is important for customer support. 1. 24/7 Availability: Chatbots can provide customer service around the clock. They can answer queries anytime, making them especially […]

IT Help Desk service provider

What is an IT Managed Help Desk service provider?

July 26, 2023 Wayne 0

An IT Managed Help Desk service provider is a third-party company that offers support for IT infrastructure and users within an organization. They deliver professional assistance to help organizations resolve technical issues in their hardware, software, network, or other IT components. The scope of the service can range from answering minor queries and troubleshooting simple problems to assisting with complex technical issues and providing continuous system maintenance and security. 7 factors to evaluate when considering […]

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What is help desk ticket classification?

July 22, 2023 Wayne 0

Help desk ticket classification refers to categorizing and prioritizing incoming support requests or tickets from users or customers. When users encounter issues, have questions, or need assistance with a product or service, they typically submit a ticket to the help desk. These tickets can cover various topics, such as technical problems, account issues, billing inquiries, and general support requests. Companies can easily implement Help Desk ticket categories by using the CREATE Help Desk ticket classification […]

7 Help Desk Support Ticket Handling Best Practices

June 8, 2022 Wayne 0

When we ask Help Desk managers what are Help Desk support ticket handling best practices, we receive a long list. However, there are several common answers. Let’s review the best practices for support tickets. Below we provide you with the most common best practices. 1. Creating a Help Desk support ticket must be mandatory. For all support interactions, a Help Desk support ticket must be created. Providing customer support is a core function of the […]

Help Desk quality assurance

8-point Help Desk Quality Assurance Checklist

May 16, 2022 Wayne 0

Do you have a Help Desk quality assurance checklist? Do your Help Desk agents provide high-quality customer service? As a good Help Desk Manager, in addition to establishing customer contact handling procedures and providing your staff with good customer service training, you must audit agent performance. To truly find out how well your customer contacts are being handled, the Help Desk management team must implement a quality assurance audit. This audit is a program to […]