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12 Artificial Intelligence Steps for IT Support Ticket AI Automation

September 9, 2023 Wayne 0

Implementing IT support ticket AI automation using Artificial Intelligence (AI) can significantly enhance the efficiency of your IT support team. Read our guide on How AI works. Implementing IT Support Ticket AI Automation drives efficiencies using AI can reduce response times and improve user satisfaction. Here are the 12 high-level steps for implementing IT support ticket automation. 1. Understand Your Needs Conduct a thorough assessment of your current support ticketing process. You need to document […]

IT support ticket automation

IT Support Ticket Automation: Using AI for Ticket Categories

September 7, 2023 Wayne 0

Can IT support ticket automation be used to categorize IT support tickets based on keywords or patterns? Many modern IT support ticketing tools come with features that can automatically categorize tickets based on keywords, patterns, or even more advanced methods such as machine learning. Read the 12 Artificial Intelligence Steps for IT Support Ticket AI Automation. Here’s how IT Support Ticket Automation works: Keyword-based Rules – Administrators can set up rules in the ticketing system […]

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What is a Help Desk Resolution Category Scheme?

September 5, 2023 Wayne 0

A Help Desk Resolution Category Scheme is a framework for systematically classifying the solutions or resolutions provided for various issues or service requests that come through a Help Desk system. Just like ticket classification schemes categorize incoming issues, a resolution category scheme organizes the types of solutions applied to those issues. The 7 reasons Help Desk resolution categories are useful. 1. Standardized Reporting With a structured scheme, producing standardized reports about the resolutions provided most […]

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Help Desk Resources

November 13, 2021 Wayne 0

Help Desk Management Book Resources The author offers these Help Desk Management book resources for your enhances experience. A FREE IT Help Desk Maturity Assessment Quick start implementation worksheets in a PDF format for easy download and printing. Help Desk Management Book Resource page

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Top 10 Identity and Access Management Best Practices

August 16, 2021 Wayne 0

The identity and access management process governs user identities and user access to resources within an organization. A Help Desk plays a big role in the identity and access management process. Help Desk agent’s job duties include managing user identities, resetting passwords, and provisioning access to resources. Identity and Access Management process Question 1 – Do you have a formally approved identity and access management process? A mature Help Desk will have a formal identity […]

Help Desk Marketing

Help Desk Marketing – Management Strategies

March 19, 2017 Wayne 0

The services offered by your help desk have value only if they are being consumed. Consider Help Desk marketing so the customers of your help desk need to know what services are available and how to request them. These services include computer system repair, application support, and access request management to controlled resources. Even though help desk services are usually considered an expense, many successful help desk managers will advertise their services with Help Desk […]

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Help Desk Escalation Support Group

July 30, 2013 Wayne 1

You have trained your Help Desks Agents with support skills, your knowledge base is full of solutions, and you First Contact Resolution percentage is seventy percent or better. This still means that thirty percent of all Help Desk contacts (phone, email, and other means) are escalated to another group. What is a Help Desk escalation support group and how does that work? How does a Help Desk Escalation Support Group work? If the Help Desk […]

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Building a Help Desk from scratch

July 25, 2013 Wayne 4

Building a Help Desk from scratch or redesigning an existing Help Desk requires thoughtful planning and efficient execution. Many core and secondary components make up an award-winning Help Desk at times it will seem like you are juggling tasks. However each of the components we will be discussing will have inter-dependencies with other components and will have to be considered when building a Help Desk from scratch. Almost thirty Help Desk core topics are covered […]