7 Help Desk Support Ticket Handling Best Practices

June 8, 2022 Wayne 0

When we ask Help Desk managers what are Help Desk support ticket handling best practices, we receive a long list. However, there are several common answers. Let’s review the best practices for support tickets. Below we provide you with the most common best practices. 1. Creating a Help Desk support ticket must be mandatory. For all support interactions, a Help Desk support ticket must be created. Providing customer support is a core function of the […]

Help Desk quality assurance

8-point Help Desk Quality Assurance Checklist

May 16, 2022 Wayne 0

Do you have a Help Desk quality assurance checklist? Do your Help Desk agents provide high-quality customer service? As a good Help Desk Manager, in addition to establishing customer contact handling procedures and providing your staff with good customer service training, you must audit agent performance. To truly find out how well your customer contacts are being handled, the Help Desk management team must implement a quality assurance audit. This audit is a program to […]

14 Help Desk Best Practices: How to Achieve Service Excellence in 2022

May 1, 2022 Wayne 0

Learn how to implement Help Desk practices and improve customer satisfaction, FCR rates, and lower costs. We identified the top 14 Help Desk Best Practices used by customer support centers. These fourteen selections are critical to the core foundation of a smooth-running Help Desk. 1. Perform an IT Help Desk Maturity Assessment For an organization initially setting up its Help Desk, there is a lot of industry-standard process information available to build a strong foundation. […]

Shift Left Help Desk Support

Shift Left Help Desk Support

January 31, 2022 Wayne 4

An enormously powerful strategy for making your Help Desk cost-effective and reducing the burden of repetitive work on your IT engineers is a shift left Help Desk support strategy. Implementing a shift-left Help Desk support strategy has become popular in the IT service management community. A shift-left support strategy is based on moving service and support requests from high-cost support engineers and developers to lower-cost tier 1 Help Desk agents. Even better, the shift-left support […]

Help Desk Improvement plan

10 step Help Desk improvement project plan

December 13, 2020 Wayne 0

Implementing a Help Desk improvement project will most likely lead to significant improvement. You will see increases in efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. This quick start guide will help you determine which core areas of your Help Desk require improvement. We will create and prioritize a list of Help Desk improvement projects. We will then work through the process to implement the most urgent improvement project. Implement a service desk implementation project plan today. Note: […]

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Help Desk Maturity Assessment Guide

September 15, 2019 Wayne 2

Yes, our IT Help Desk maturity assessment is free. For an organization initially setting up their Help Desk, there is a lot of industry-standard process information available to build a strong foundation. If you have an established Help Desk, you can have your current processes and practices assessed against these industry standards using an IT Help Desk maturity assessment. This will assist the Help Desk manager to understand how they are doing and what needs […]

Employee Training and Development

September 1, 2016 Wayne 0

Managers know that company success is a result of knowledgeable and engaged workers with skills to meet their job duties. To develop and keep top talent productive, you need a comprehensive training and development program. Employee training is to improve worker’s performance by transferring skill-based knowledge to be used in their current job position. Employee development is to advance an employee’s skills and knowledge beyond what is required for their current job position. If you […]

Customer service complaints: Help desk improvement steps

August 7, 2016 Wayne 0

If you have managed or worked in a help desk for any amount of time, you may have heard of many customer service complaints occurring repeatedly. Many of these issues are not unique and they transcend all industries. The good news is throughout this book we identify the issues and the solutions to fix them. The leading causes of customer service complaints are actually well known but for some reason help desks and call centers […]

Top 10 Help Desk Calls and how to deal with them

August 1, 2016 Wayne 0

What are the top 10 help desk calls received by the help desk from the customers they support? We pulled together the top 10 help desk calls with specific recommendations. While you cannot prepare for every question, there are some industry-standard high volume questions. These questions must be prepared for by documenting the most probable support steps that will resolve the issue. Documentation of the support steps should be placed in the help desk knowledge […]

Help Desk Ticket Categories

The Top 6 Total Contact Ownership best practices will place customers first

July 24, 2016 Wayne 0

If a customer contacts a help desk with an issue and the help desk is unable to resolve it first contact, it can be disappointing. We do understand not every issue can be solved on first contact by the help desk but too many times an escalated request for help seems to go into a black hole. If tickets pile up with escalation groups, no updates are provided to the customer and lingering customer IT […]