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IT Change Management Process Best Practices

December 27, 2018 Wayne 2

In IT Service Management there is a process called IT Change Management. The IT Change Management process is based on the ITIL framework. The IT Change Management process standardizes changes to the IT infrastructure by managing the change lifecycle. Standardizing the change management workflow process is important to be efficient, accurate and to minimize the negative impact on customers, IT services and operations. Having a rigorous change control process is an important factor to be […]

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ITIL Change Management and the Help Desk

February 21, 2014 Wayne 1

It is important as a Help Desk Manager or Agent to understand what Change Management is and how it is related to the Help Desk. In this posting we discuss what is Change Management and some of the important aspects of Change Management and the Help Desk. We then discuss what is a Request For Change, the responsibilities of a Change Manager and the Change Advisory Board, and what is a Forward Schedule of Changes. […]