What is ITIL? IT Service Management Support for Business Value

What is ITIL?

In the 1980’s, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) version 1 was developed by the UK Government for better IT Service Management, control and performance. What is ITIL? ITIL v1 was IT process focused. In the year 2000, ITIL v2 was introduce to a growing base of users. ITIL v2 was a consolidated focus of ITIL v1. The main books were the Service Support and Service Design books. In 2005, ITIL v3 was introduced. ITIL v3 focused on the Service Lifecycle and business focused results. In 2011 ITIL was refreshed with an ITIL 2011 version. The ITIL 2011 version identified a fully process model for all of the processes and is comprised of five books called Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service.

So what is ITIL?

ITIL is a vendor neutral non-prescriptive IT framework that helps IT organizations to deliver value to the business. The ITIL framework is based on industry best practice from best-in-class service providers in the following areas;

• Delivering services in which the business values

• Developing a service strategy based on business strategy and customer values

• Ensuring the IT service provider performance is measured, monitored and optimized

• Controlling the IT budget and investment

• Managing risk and knowledge

• Adopting a standard approach to service management across the company

What is ITIL and how can you be successful in ITIL?

To be successful in ITI and IT Service Management, management and staff need the right education, training and skills. Management and staff need knowledge in the following areas;

• Business priority and objective awareness.

• Customer service skills

• Awareness of what IT can deliver to business

• Best practice knowledge and awareness

What is ITIL Service Management? Successful ITIL Service Management requires the key personnel have the right education, training and skills. With the correct leadership, ITIL helps IT organizations to deliver value to the business.


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