Individual and Team Recognition

Individual and team recognition leads to employee engagement and productivity improvements. Too many managers focus just on negative employee behavior and implementing human resource approved disciplinary actions. Successful managers not only ensure they deal with negative behavior but also celebrate success or positive behavior. This celebration of success reinforces positive employee contributions and will lead to an environment that inspires an increase in employee engagement. To properly recognize performance and achievement, I have the following recommendations for individual and team recognition.

Individual and team recognition: What is it?

It is very important to recognize positive accomplishments when they occur. This timely individual and team recognition of positive behavior on the spot will reinforce success. Make sure the behavior or action is related to a team or organizational improvement goal. Tying individual and team recognition to a team or company goal is building a foundation of success in meeting the goals. Make sure the praise or award matches the behavior or action. You do not want to under or over-award but make individual and team recognition awards appropriate in scale. You should show emotion and be authentic when recognizing the behavior or action. An employee or team will know when the recognition is not authentic. The individual and team recognition awards do not need to be monetary. Employees want to feel valued, so I handwritten note, certificate or team event can go a long way to achieving that. Below are a few ideas for individual and team recognition events.

Individual and team recognition suggestions

  • Allow the individual or team to present their achievement to leadership.
  • Start an employee of the month program
  • Pass along praise received about an employee or the team
  • Report on the achievement of a company newsletter if available
  • Have a suggestion box with a potential reward if implemented.
  • Send handwritten thank you notes.
  • Allow achievers to attend special meetings

Individual and team recognition of a job well done is a fundamental need of an employee to confirm managers value their work. Once an employee feels their work is valued, engagement and productivity will increase.

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