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Help Desk Workforce Management: Are you using it effectively?

July 30, 2021 Wayne 0

The Help Desk workforce management system is used to maximize employee productivity forecasting staffing levels using job and employee variables. One trait of a Help Desk is the work intake can vary by day and even the time of day. Workforce management can be very complex and never perfect. The utilization of a Help Desk agent is never 100%. The volume of work on Monday mornings can be quite different than the volume of work […]

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Help Desk call handling process will reduce handle time.

July 29, 2021 Wayne 2

Help Desk call handling is the entire phone interaction between Help Desk agent and customer from start to end. This includes customer greeting, validating the identity of the customer, providing issue support, and ending the call. While every interaction can have unique properties, the call sequence should follow a call handling procedure. Help Desk Call Handling Question 1 – Does your help desk have a clearly defined call handling process? If Help Desk agents are […]