Create Ticket Categories Easily

Are you considering a ticket classification project to update your Help Desk ticket categories? There are many pitfalls to avoid. Get your project off on Help Desk Ticket Categoriesthe right foot with this 85-page step-by-step guide. With our help, your project will be successful! Your final ticket classification design will be geared to productivity gains, not just a ticket filing system.

  • Outline information needed to build a business case for a project.
  • Ensure the correct project resources are engaged.
  • In-depth review of three ticket classification templates to choose from.
  • Significantly reduce the total ticket categorization project time.

There are many benefits to effective ITIL classification of support ticket categories.

  • Improve first contact resolution, issue trending and setting priority levels
  • Reduce customer contact handle time
  • Improve incident ticket handling and escalations
  • Enhance metrics gathering and enterprise reporting
  • Improve incident prioritization and MTTR

What is included?

  • An 85-page step-by-step guide based on successful ITIL based Fortune 500 ticket classification projects
  • Three ticket classification scheme structures to jump-start your project