Jul 07

IT Help Desk Mission and Vision statements.

Help Desk Mission and Vision statements

Does your company have Help Desk Mission and Vision statements that incorporates the corporate business goals and objectives? Help Desk Mission and Vision statements will clearly and precisely be focused on what your business is all about and related to the technology support your Help Desk team provides. A well-defined vision statement will provide a guide for clear and directional decisions to lead to long-term prosperity. The IT Help Desk Mission Statement will bring strategic focus of underlining goals and objectives of your Help Desk based on company values.

Starting with the Vision statement, we want to state what the owner or executive committee ultimately envisions the business to be.  A good Vision statement will allow you to create effective strategies for managing the company toward that vision. Here at Build a Help Desk, our Vision statement is simply;

“To continue to be recognized nationally as the leading professional resource site for industry standard for IT Help Desk procedures”.

The mission statement should be written from the customer’s perspective, be very specific, and it should fit with the vision for the business. The mission should answer three questions:

What do we do?
How do we do it?
For whom do we do it?

To provide a help desk mission statement example, Build a Help Desk’s mission statement is;

“We provide validated industry standard knowledge by translating it into real life examples for Help Desk management world-wide.”

Once an IT Help Desk Mission and Vision statement has been defined for your Help Desk, your agents should be conveying it to the users they support. If you have a newsletter published by the Information Technology department or the Help Desk, the mission and vision statements should be front and center. All IT Help Desk training documentation and new hire material should have the mission and vision statements incorporated into them. Any